0 Comments 17 December 2008

A collection of 55 inspirational gift-cards for you and your friends. Enjoy these aphorisms and meditative paintings by Sri Chinmoy. Each card is approximately 2 x 3.5 inches (5.5 x 9 cm)

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Essays and Talks

The Garland of Nation Souls

0 Comments 13 November 2009

The United Nations is a beacon of hope and goodwill for all the world. Since 1945 it has spread its message of brotherhood, peace and soulful sharing with people of all races, creeds and colors. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the UN, here is a collection of Sri Chinmoy’s talks and meditations given at the United Nations, a treasure trove of thoughts on world harmony and spiritual growth.

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Meditation & Spirituality

Kundalini: The Mother Power

0 Comments 24 October 2009

En route to his own spiritual realisation, Sri Chinmoy attained mastery over the Kundalini and occult powers. In this book he explains techniques for awakening the Kundalini and the chakras.

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Daily Inspiration

My Life’s Soul-Journey

0 Comments 09 December 2009

This popular volume was compiled from thousands of pages of Sri Chinmoy’s prolific output. It can be read daily, year after year. For each day of the year, you can turn to a concise spiritual thought, an explanatory passage, and a contemplative poem.

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0 Comments 06 December 2007

In this landmark interview hosted by Emmy award-winning TV journalist Dr. Russell Barber, Sri Chinmoy reflects on issues of faith, peace and the search for God. Enjoy these long, illumining and entertaining discussions, and witness first-hand the remarkable depth and profound wisdom of Sri Chinmoy.

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Maestro Sri Chinmoy, Cello

0 Comments 13 December 2007

Sri Chinmoy’s voice carries a tremendous feeling of both tenderness, sweetness and overwhelming power. In this unique recording, Sri Chinmoy delivers unforgettable vocal performances of both his original compositions and selected ancient Sanskrit verses he has set to music.

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Poetry Meditation

0 Comments 24 March 2010

Selections from readings in 1982 from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames and My Heart’s Thirty-One Sacred Secrets. The poems read at The Public Theater in New York City are from My Flute and other sources.

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Aum Ocean Meditation

0 Comments 12 December 2007

Soothing, excellent for meditation, relaxation and stress reduction.

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The Thunder of the Soul and the Whisper of the Heart

0 Comments 29 March 2010

Two extemporaneous organ performances in 1988 and 2003 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Special Order Items

Many timeless books of poetry by Sri Chinmoy not listed here are available by special order, including:
  • 10,000 Flower-Flames
  • 27,000 Aspiration-Plants
  • 77,000 Service-Trees
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